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Eyenova Specialized Clinic is a wholly owned subsidiary under the incorporation of Eyenova Healthcare (T) Limited. EyeNova Specialized Clinic is the notable specialized hi-tech private center in Tanzania dedicated to providing comprehensive services and innovative treatments for various eye conditions. The facility was established with a mission to provide quality eye care in Tanzania and help improve and preserve sight. It aims to be a national leader in the field of eye care and wants to be recognized as the regional spearhead in specialized eye care boasting international recognition.
Eyenova started its operation from the beginning of 2023 inspired by the vision & experience of its founder addressing the growing regional demand in ophthalmic patient care…

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New Year Special Offer

Uongozi wa Kliniki ya Kibingwa ya macho ya Eyenova (Eyenova Specialized Clinic) unatoa Zawadi Kabambe ya Mwaka Mpya kwa kutoa Offer ya Uchunguzi wa BURE wa macho na Ushauri wa

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Pediatric Eye Care

Eye Care for Children

Children who have eye problems face multiple barriers such as inability to read or see blackboards in school and recognize others from a distance, and to play some team sports.

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Laser Vision Correction

What to know About Laser eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery, which some people call LASIK surgery, can correct several eyesight conditions. However, there are potential risks or side effects, and not everyone can have the procedure. The

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