The Eyenova Outreach Program welcomes donations to assist in providing life changing eye operations for the people from various regions in Tanzania. Your donation will be used to purchase the medical supplies and equipment needed to deliver cataract surgery, perform eye examinations and train local doctors and nurses.

It is our constant endeavor to provide quality services to the economically weaker sections of the society and contribute towards strengthening eye care service delivery through our outreach activities.

The camp patients from rural areas are treated with free of cost cataract surgery, with urban areas treated at very nominal charges per eye for cataract surgery. With prescribed glasses, we provide customized spectacles at very minimal charges.

The Mobile Eye Clinic runs camps in various rural and urban areas for Eye Screening and treatment, creating awareness for Eye Care, Paediatric eye Care, Diabetic retinopathy, oculoprosthesis, and many more.

“Many people say they want to help; but fewer step up to do it. Thank you so much for being one of the few today and stepping up with your important donation. None of our success would be possible without generous donors like you. Thank you again for your commitment and kindness” Dr Condrada H. Ngonyani.