Meet the Managing Partner

Dr Raphael Francis Mallaba.
Health Insurance Expert, Public Health Advisor and Consultant
(MD, MBA-Corporate Management)

Dr Raphael Francis Mallaba is a self-driven Corporate Manager recognized for performance excellence in operations, customer care, quality management and claims matters with a strong ability to drive profits, control costs and achieve continuous process improvement. For many years, he has demonstrated success at motivating, training and developing team members to drive profitability in a highly competitive environment. His creative thinking and highly organized nature have been central to the effective implementation of strategic approaches that support key business initiatives at his workplace. He received his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) at Xi’an Jiao tong University from the People’s Republic of China in 2011.  

For the period of his studies in China he lived in many cities including Jinan located in Shandong provinces and Xi’an situated in Shaanxi Province. He undertook a Chinese Language Study Program at Shandong University in Jinan which was a one-year program for international students. Shandong University is a key comprehensive university with a long history, a variety of disciplines, strong academic strength and distinctive characteristics which has great influence both at home and abroad. As an international student who studied at this University, he categorically enjoyed a high-quality learning of Chinese language and culture. Upon completion of this course he undertook a Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) which was the pre-requisite prior to joining any Medical schools in China. While in China, among other things Dr Mallaba established a training school called Canadian English Medium School. Children in China speak Mandarin and sometimes a local Chinese dialect at home. They then learn English at primary school but parents often pay for English classes at a younger age outside of school. Currently, English is considered the language of business with international companies from every province in China.

Thereafter, Dr Mallaba joined a Fellowship program in Laparoscopic surgery from the most prestigious institution “The John Radcliffe Hospital (JR)” notably the University of Oxford in England. The Oxford University has a peculiar and unique teaching system not only different from the world but also from the rest of medical schools within the United Kingdom.

During his stay at Oxford, he was associated with Green Templeton College as an honorary temporary member which enabled him as well to get involved in college life. One day Dr Mallaba and his flat mates were invited to participate in a vibrant college night- life and above all, they deeply enjoyed the elegant formal dinners in the Radcliffe Observatory. Green Templeton College has two beautiful tennis courts, a squash court, and has several events such as live jazz evenings, international nights, and away trips to the home of William Shakespeare. In this case, Dr Mallaba and his friends were invited to attend the elegant formal dinner.

In 2018 he earned a Master’s Degree of Business Administration in Corporate Management (MBA-CM) from Mzumbe University in Tanzania. The program is designed to provide competencies to future corporate managers to serve businesses at the local and international level. It is a professionally tailored program to meet the demand for well trained and skilled corporate managers who can contribute to undertaking key corporate roles and strategies through gathering, analyzing, interpreting and communicating corporate information that can facilitate decision making for successful achievement of the organization’s objectives.

Moreover, Dr Mallaba contested for Ukonga Constituency during the 2020 General election primaries for Chama Cha Mapinduzi, CCM. Nevertheless, for the past eleven years, Dr. Mallaba has been interviewed on many nationally syndicated radios and television programs; in 2018 for example, he was among the twelve key national speakers in the first edition of Mwananchi Thought Leadership Forum “Our Life style, Our Health” which was live broadcasted through TV station and other social media platforms that aimed at tackling Non Communicable Diseases- NCD owing to the burden associated with the growing problem of NCD’s among Tanzanians.