Patients Right

Patient Rights

Dear Patients, EyeNova Specialized Clinic wishes you a speedy recovery.


  • Respect and privacy during delivering care.
  • Confidentiality of your medical record.
  • To provide appropriate management and care.
  • Clear and understandable explanation of your condition, your management and any possible complication.
  • To know the name of healthcare provider/s.
  • Interpreter if you do not understand explanations.
  • Refusal of treatment or medications, or to be discharged from the Center on your responsibility after signing the relevant forms.
  • Safe, clean environment.
  • To give remarks, suggestions, or complaints regarding our services in the Center.


  • To follow the Center rules and regulations
  • Disclose complete past medical information to your treating physician and if including infectious diseases that could be transmitted to others. We assure that your information is kept confidential.
  • Entertain your visitors only during visiting hours.
  • Not to smoke in the Center premises as it is prohibited by law.
  • Respect privacy of other patients.
  • Handle the Center properties carefully.